[Skodel](https://skodel.com/) is a wellbeing safety reporting platform. Wellbeing and safety teams use Skodel to collect, organise and report on feedback from people inside their organisation about wellbeing safety matters. It is primarily used across education, workplace and healthcare settings. # Why use Skodel? In some cases there is a legal requirement to report on wellbeing safety, and in other cases there are heightened societal expectations around it. The main reasons to report on wellbeing safety are: - Regulatory compliance and risk management - Prevent or stop negative experiences inside your organisation - Improve the culture of the organisation # How is Skodel different to other surveys? * We replace traditional wellbeing safety surveys with micro-surveys * It's faster to collect, organise and act on the data with micro surveys and single page report templates * It provides wellbeing support to individual users and strategic support to leaders in taking action on the data * It comes with pre-built reporting and survey templates designed by wellbeing and safety specialists # Who uses Skodel? Skodel is used by health, safety and wellbeing teams. There are a few account types you should be aware of: - **Users**: Use Skodel to check in, lodge concerns and access support - **Leaders**: Create and send check-ins then review the data - **Group leaders**: Review the data for their specific groups # How do I use Skodel? We recommend quarterly check-ins with quarterly reports. Here's a plan you can follow: - **Engage senior leadership and the wider organisation:** Clearly explain Skodel's purpose to everyone and make sure they're on board. - **Upload people/setup integrations:** Add users and carry out necessary integrations with Skodel. - **Introduce and send first check-in:** Send an email to everyone introducing Skodel ([[Introducing Skodel to everyone|here are some examples]]) and then schedule that first check-in. Consider [[Engagement tips]] as well. - **Produce a report and action plan:** A report for internal use (and external if you'd like). Skodel can setup your reporting template for you. --- If you'd like to know more about Skodel, reach out at [email protected].