[Skodel](https://skodel.com/) is a mental health survey platform focused on short surveys with support in place for all situations. Wellbeing and safety teams use Skodel to send mental health surveys, provide support and document actions taken to address mental health inside their organisation. We support schools, universities and workplaces. # Why use Skodel? Safety and wellbeing teams use Skodel to ensure their organisation isn't causing or exacerbating mental health issues. It is important to do this given the growing expectations and legislation in this area. More specifically, Skodel is used to: - Address any hidden mental health issues happening inside your organisation early such as bullying or stress from a leadership change. Be alerted if someone reports an issue. - Collect mental health data across different groups in your organisation such as what factors contribute positively and negatively to their experience at work or at school and how this changes over time and across groups. Amplify what promotes good mental health and change what doesn't. - Document mental health incidents and the actions taken by your organisation to support. # How is Skodel different to other surveys? * People can fill in a Skodel mental health survey at anytime, they don't have to wait to be sent one e.g. if I am being bullied, I don't have to wait for a survey to be sent, I can fill it in and access support for this issue. * It doesn't just collect data, leaders and individuals get support to resolve situations like bullying. * You can document actions taken after the data is collected e.g. if bullying is reported or organisation wide stress is a theme, you can document what you have done to address this. * We have an alert and response system e.g. if bullying is reported, alert the following people with this message and carry out the following actions. # Who uses Skodel? Skodel is used by health, safety and wellbeing teams. There are a few account types you should be aware of: - **Users**: Users (might be students or staff members) use Skodel to check in, lodge concerns and access support. - **Leaders**: Leaders (might be wellbeing, safety teams or SLT) use Skodel to create and schedule check-ins, review data, communicate data to others, setup alerts/flags and get support in managing mental health issues related to their organisation. Leaders can also check in on Skodel. - **Group leaders**: Group leaders (might be teachers or team leaders) review data for the specific groups they have been assigned to. Group leaders can also check in on Skodel. --- # How do I use Skodel? We recommend quarterly check-ins with quarterly mental health reports. Here's a plan you can follow: - **Engage senior leadership and the wider organisation:** Clearly explain Skodel's purpose to everyone and make sure they're on board e.g. we want to bring Skodel on to give everyone a private outlet to share concerns related to this organisation at anytime and access support. - **Upload people/setup integrations:** Add users and carry out necessary integrations with Skodel. - **Introduce and send first check-in:** Send an email to everyone introducing Skodel ([[Introducing Skodel to everyone|here are some examples]]) and then schedule that first check-in. Consider [[Engagement tips]] as well. - **Produce a mental health report and action plan:** A report for internal use (and external if you'd like) including incidents reported, actions taken, impact of actions and proposed future actions. Show people their voice is being heard. --- If you'd like to know more about Skodel, reach out at [email protected].