[Skodel](https://skodel.com/) is a psychosocial risk management platform. People, risk and safety leaders use Skodel to maintain an up to date [psychosocial risk assessment](https://www.loom.com/share/25430b1cd47040b1a2e6a03e6f336bd5) on their organisation. This assessment safeguards the organisation and people within the organisation. # Why use Skodel? In some cases there is a legal requirement to maintain a psychosocial risk assessment, and in other cases there are heightened societal expectations around workplace safety. The main reasons to use Skodel are: - Regulatory compliance and risk management - Prevent or stop widespread negative experiences inside your organisation that could impact productivity, engagement and retention - Improve the culture of the organisation # How will Skodel benefit me? * If you're a leader, it will save you time and resources in maintaining a psychosocial risk assessment for your organisation * If you're an employee, it will save you time in providing psychosocial safety feedback by avoiding lengthy surveys, focus groups and interviews # Who uses Skodel? Skodel is used by people and safety leaders. There are two account types you should be aware of: - **Users**: Workers that use Skodel to provide feedback on psychosocial safety via microsurveys - **Leaders**: Review consultation and psychosocial risk assessment data # How do I use Skodel? Here is an overview of [Skodel's approach to psychosocial risk assessments](https://www.loom.com/share/25430b1cd47040b1a2e6a03e6f336bd5) In short, you can do the following: 1. Conduct an initial psychosocial risk assessment 2. Consult the workforce on psychosocial safety 3. Update the psychosocial risk assessment scores and controls 4. Review this periodically as you see fit (usually on a bi-annual or annual basis) --- If you'd like to know more about Skodel, reach out at [email protected].