Coaching and resources for leaders

Just in time coaching and toolkits for leaders

This article outlines how you, as a leader, can access Skodel's resources

Leadership can be isolating and uniquely challenging. Our resources aim to assist you as leaders in 2 areas:

  1. With your own wellbeing, and
  2. Responding to emerging themes in Skodel's data to drive meaningful change across your teams and organisation

There are two ways to access these resources, outlined below

Support solutions from your organisation dashboard

Support solutions are focused on how you as a leader can respond to Skodel's data. They may be videos, PDFs or interactive bite size coaching sessions. 

Our data provides lead indicators on productivity and turnover. For example, teams feeling frustrated due to micromanagement or empowered because they have opportunities for growth. Our support solutions assist you as a leader in amplifying what's working well and making adjustments to areas for improvement. Helping you create an environment where everyone feels connected, protected and respected. 

Wellbeing wisdom from your individual dashboard

You can access your individual dashboard via the mobile app or by logging into Resources here have been created by leading psychologists, authors and company coaches. They aim to empower everyone to improve their own wellbeing. Our philosophy is based on trusting that you know what is best for you - through thoughtful questions and tiny bits of wisdom, we hope to assist you in generating solutions to challenging emotions and tricky situations.