Communicating to your teams

Communicating Skodel to team leaders

This article is for senior leaders introducing Skodel to team leaders

If you wish to have team leaders reviewing check-in data for their team members, here is a template email that you can adjust and send to your team leaders.

Email to team leaders

Subject Line: Supporting the wellbeing of our team members

Hi all,

As the dynamics of workplaces around the world continue to shift, it's important we remain connected and focused on supporting the wellbeing of our teams. To lead effectively, we must understand the real reasons behind how our team members are feeling and acknowledge these feelings. 

To support us in doing this, we are introducing Skodel. Skodel offers a simple way to check in with our teams anonymously. It's an outlet that enables people to be authentic about how they are really feeling and why. As team leaders, we will get insights into how people are feeling and have easy ways to respond. By introducing Skodel, we aim to achieve the following:

  1. Give everyone an outlet to share how they're feeling: We know that how we feel plays a big role in our wellbeing and how we perform, so it's important we provide our team members with an outlet to share this openly and honestly. Reflective resources from Skodel will assist people with the feelings or situations confronting them. For example, feeling anxious about meeting a deadline. 
  2. Insights into what's working well and where we can adjust: Insights from the check-ins enable us as leaders to build on what's working well and adjust areas where there is opportunity to improve.
  3. Easy ways to respond: The platform provides easy ways for team leaders to respond to individual check-ins so that everyone feels they are being heard. 

How to get started

If you haven't already, you will receive an email from Skodel to activate your account. Please review this video on how we can utilise Skodel's insights to support our teams. The first check-in will be sent on DATE and we will check-in every 6 weeks. I will manage the sending of the check-in and communicate with you when they have been sent so you can communicate with your team. 

Helpful links to learn more about Skodel

  1. View the check-in experience for team members here
  2. How to use Skodel reactions to respond to your team members' check-ins