Errors & Troubleshooting

Errors, Troubleshooting & Tips

This article offers solutions to errors you might be experiencing on Skodel

Below is a list of errors, troubleshooting methods and tips
  • You can’t send yourself a check-in using the same email you signed up to Skodel with to test Skodel out (you can send one to your personal email if you wish).
  • We advise against adding teacher emails as students to send test check-ins as you may need to add these teachers as wellbeing facilitators or wellbeing leaders at a later date.
  • It is always good to speak to the IT team and have them whitelist as well as assist you in any technical matters with Skodel.
  • If your school does not have email or would like to discuss integrations with existing systems please contact
  • If a check-in does not arrive for students please check the spam folder first and if not there then speak to your school’s IT team to ensure is whitelisted. If issues persist, contact

If you are experiencing issues unrelated to the above, please email the team at