How Often Should I Check-In

How often should I check in

This article outlines best practice for how often you should check-in with students

Once every two to four weeks

Check-ins every two to four weeks are simple to manage and give you an insightful body of longitudinal data. You could set up a start of term, middle of term and end of term check-in. You can also turn on Self Check-In, which allows students to check in anytime. Daily or weekly check-ins may not be sustainable in the long run but can be used if remote learning is taking place. 

With each check-in, we recommend customising the final open ended question. Below is an example check-in schedule for one term for you to consider:

Run a check-in at the start, middle and end of term and ask the following open-ended questions:

  • Start of term: If you had two wishes for this term, what would they be?
  • Middle of term: Do you have any goals for the rest of the term?
  • End of term: What are you most proud of this term?