Wellbeing Plans

How to Introduce Wellbeing Plans to Students

This article explores how you can effectively introduce wellbeing plans to your students

Before introducing wellbeing plans to students, it's important to accept that not all students will be ready to start one. To familiarise yourself with what Skodel's wellbeing plan is, click here.

Below is an activity to introduce plans

Encourage your class to pair up with a partner and pick one area from Skodel's nine wellbeing plan areas (you can pair up with a student and do the same). Get the pairs to co-create a small and achievable goal. Ideally this goal is anchored in their existing behaviour. For example, every morning you wake up, you shower and you have toast with butter for breakfast. A goal could be to spread less butter on your toast or to finish your shower with cold water only.

In two weeks time check back in to see how they are going with their goals. Ask students what they have noticed that is better in their lives or different. If there has been no positive change, ask them if there is anything that they believe might have kept things the same for them.

Documents that might help you here:

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The above is a template that we hope is helpful for you when introducing wellbeing plans to students. You might like to vary this template up as you see fit. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions here that will support us in supporting other schools.