Integrations for Schools

School integrations with Skodel

This article outlines how Skodel integrates with your systems

Does Skodel offer integrations?


What level of integration does Skodel offer?

Skodel integrates for the purposes of Single Sign On (SSO) and data syncing. SSO allows users to login to Skodel using the same credentials they use for their main operating system, such as Office 365. Data syncing synchronises information (student, teacher and group) from your Management Information System into Skodel. This means you do not have to upload CSV files and edit this information in Skodel, it is automatically pulled across from your schools main information system.

Can Skodel integrate further?

Further integration is possible and is handled on a case by case basis. Examples of this include pushing data to your data visualisation/analytics software such as Microsoft BI. 

What systems does Skodel integrate with?

Skodel integrates with many of the major LMS's and SIS's. If you would like to enquire about integration capabilities, please contact