Sending My First Check-In

Sending my first check-in

This article walks you through how to send your first check-in

It's exciting to start a new style of connection with your students! We recommend beginning with a small group, e.g. a classroom or a year group as a light touch way to get started. The video below outlines how to do this.


Note: before sending your first check-in, be sure to let students know that they will be receiving a check-in. 

Tip: most schools send their first check-in to smaller group of students, such as a class or a year group

Step 1 - Click ‘Start New Check-In’


Step 2 - Choose ‘Check-In Style’

We recommend starting with our 'Skodel Check In' style. As you become more familiar with checking-in, you can customise check-in styles. If you're unsure about what the check-in looks like for students, you can click 'Preview' to view it.


Step 3 - Choose which students you want to check in with

You can send a check-in to individual students, groups of students or the whole school. Most schools like to start with a sample group such as a single year group or class. You may choose to cut and paste individual student emails to test a small group, or select a specific group that may have been created. If you need to create a group, click here to find out how.


Step 4 - Click ‘Start’


Step 5 - Students complete their Check-In

Students will receive an email or push notification, which will prompt them to complete their check-in. Click here for a video demonstration on how a student completes a check-in.