What are Skodel Reactions

Skodel reactions explained

This article outlines what Skodel reactions are and why we built this feature

What is a Skodel reaction?

Skodel reactions enable leaders and facilitators to respond with an emoji or by leaving a comment to a respondent's check-in. The example below is how it could be used in a school setting.

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 12.58.25 pm-1

Can the respondent respond to the comment?

Individuals can respond with their own reaction or comment. You can toggle this functionality on or off by going to manage organisation < settings < general and turning reactions on or off from there.

Anonymity and reactions

When a leader or facilitator responds to a check-in with a reaction they will be identified by the person who checked in. If the person who checked in then responds or reacts back to that comment they can either be identified or remain anonymous depending on if the check-in sent was identifiable or anonymous. If it was identifiable, their comment/reaction back will be identified, if it was anonymous then their comment/reaction back will remain anonymous.