Analysing Skodel Data in Schools

Skodel wellbeing feed for real-time data for Schools

This article outlines how Skodel's wellbeing feed provides real time insight into wellbeing

Real-time data with Skodel

When you login to Skodel as a teacher, the first thing you will see is the wellbeing feed. The wellbeing feed presents the most recent information relating to your students. For example, if your student completes a check-in, this would be shown in real-time like you see in the example below where 'Skodel Student' expresses worry about the upcoming exams.

How is data ordered

Data is ordered chronologically.

Filtering your data

On the left hand side of your wellbeing feed, you will see a range of different filters to help you sort through your data. The most common filters include:

  • Mood - which allows you to filter by mood selected, i.e. those that have stated they are feeling worried in question 1
  • Tags - which allows you to filter by drivers selected, i.e. those that have stated bullying in question 2
  • Time - you can filter based on specific time periods, e.g. last 3 days

Analysing your wellbeing feed

The below video walks you through your wellbeing feed.