Uploading your teams to Skodel

Using groups and assigning team leaders to specific groups

This article outlines how to use Skodel's group functionality to assist you in rolling Skodel out across your organisation

Groups help you organise your data and structure Skodel for company wide buy in.

Step 1

To create a group, go to the 'groups' tab from your home dashboard

Step 2

Click 'create new group', then name the group and add the emails of the group members.

What will facilitators (team leaders) see?

When you assign a facilitator to a group, this means they can review the data for that group specifically. This is commonly used to give team leaders visibility on how their team is going so they can build a positive team culture. 

Sending check-ins to specific groups

Setting up groups also means you can send check-ins to specific teams easily by selecting them when you go to send or schedule your check-in.