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Who creates Skodel's resources for Schools?

This article outlines where Skodel sources its support resources from

Partnering with mental health and wellbeing experts

Skodel works in partnership with leading psychologists and educators to create evidence informed resources that support students in overcoming blockers to their learning and social/emotional development. Most notably is our partnership with Andrew Fuller.

Andrew's Bio

Andrew is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker and creator of Learning Strengths. Andrew is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne and has worked with over 3,000 schools in Australia, NZ, Asia and the UK and with more than 500,000 young people on core elements of resilience. He has established programs for neuroscience and education and the promotion of mental health in schools, substance abuse prevention, and the reduction of violence and bullying, suicide prevention programs and for assisting homeless young people. He is described as someone that ‘puts the heart back in psychology’.